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Saving TIME with CEREC

CEREC is a 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology system allowing dentist to create same day- single visit crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and more.


Why we chose CEREC for out patients? 

Traditional crowns are made in dental laboratories, which requires multiple visits to the dentist, uncomfortable impressions, numerous injections, temporary crown and most importantly spending time away from family and work.

The biggest advantage of CEREC is saving time! Many of our patients have a busy daily schedule and finding time for a dental visit can be a challenge. In most cases we can cut the number of visits to just one.  Leading edge technology CEREC creates high quality, metal free crowns right in our office. The CAD/CAM advanced technology allows us to restore damaged teeth by using ceramic panels, making your new teeth stronger while keeping its natural look. 

When do we use CEREC

Crowns - posterior and anterior


Onlays and  Inlays


Invisalign Clear Aligner scans

Nightguard scans

How does CEREC work? 

First, just like with traditional crowns, Dr. Tichy will prepare the crown for a crown. Next, we take a digital impression to create the image of your tooth and its surrounding area and sent it to CEREC computer where your new tooth will be designed. Dr. Tichy will navigate through this 3D technology system to create a perfect replacement for your tooth. You are welcome to watch the next step where our computer operated milling machine carves your new restoration in the matter of few minutes from a single ceramic block. After milling we will polish and stain the tooth to make it match the color of your other teeth. Fun fact: the tooth is purple at this stage because the original high quality ceramic bloc is purple. Now it is time for baking. The purple tooth is now placed into high temperature oven for 15min. When done, it is all nice and white. The last step is bonding now the white crown to your tooth. And you are done!

Dr. Tichy and his team will always take time to walk you through the procedure prior to your appointment and help you with any questions you may have. 

Please call us at 503-635-3588 for your new patient exam.

The CEREC system:

Dr. Tichy working on restoration design after taking digital impression via CEREC CAD/CAM.

Milling process - High quality ceramic  block is being milled by two diamond burs to the indicated shape of the restoration. Our patients are welcome to watch this part which takes about 15 minutes.

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