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The Dental Operating Microscope

Dr. Michael Tichy practices with a dental microscope

Dr. Michael Tichy is part of the rare 1% of general dentist who use microscope for all procedures instead of dental loupes. The benefits of the dental operating microscope are numerous for both the patient and for the dentist. The microscope in dentistry has truly redefined and elevated the standard of care. 


The microscopes superior optics allow for far greater magnification than traditional dental loupes used by most dentists. The scope also enables for multiple magnification settings which increases efficiency and gives me the ability to choose optimal magnification settings.


The microscope has an amazing and unmatched LED light source which in turn with the magnification enables me to see what usually cannot or has never been seen before. The mouth is a dark place, not anymore!

Using a microscope over loupes allows far more precise and conservative treatment. The ability to see better with the scope enables me to keep more healthy tooth when removing decay. 

As for my health, the scope is unmatched in terms of ergonomics. As you see in the picture above, the scope allows me to remain upright, looking straight ahead, while the optics of the scope do all the "bending over".

Another amazing feature of using the microscope is the ability to attach a camera, which relays simultaneous video feed to HD TV's. We have mounted TV's both ceiling and wall for patients viewing and education. The overhead TV is a great feature to have during exams, operative, root canal procedures and many others. Every exam here at my office is done with the microscope. During these exams and procedures, the doctor discusses findings and treatment options while the patient watches above in real time.

Visit the below websites for other interesting and educational facts for more info on the benefits of the dental operative microscope:

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If the above sounds great to you then give us a call at 503-635-3588 or book an appointment below on our patient portal to see how technology at Tichy Dental can help you and your entire family.

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