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Comprehensive Dental Exams


Ceiling mounted HD TV connected to dental microscope allows patients to experience what Dr. Tichy observes during examination.

Dental Fillings/Restorations


Dr. Tichy would like to offer mercury free fillings for his patients. Watch overhead as Dr. Tichy restores teeth with composite restorative material.

Emergency Dentistry

We provide emergency dental care. We are here to lessen your dental pain or triage true emergency accidents that may require more definitive treatment

Crown and Bridge

Dr. Tichy proudly offers same day crowns. With CEREC we can offer a wide variety of crowns to fit any situation and area of the mouth. Single unit crowns to multi teeth spanning bridges to restore edentulous areas of the arch. 

Routine/Surgical Extractions

Extractions can be scary and often present painful prior to visiting the dentist. Let Dr. Tichy and his staff help you through this painful time. The doctor does most extractions in house and refers to Oral surgeons cases that he believes are bet suited for specialists. 

Dental Hygiene

We offer regular prophylaxis cleanings to help prevent gingivitis and also deeper scaling and root planing to help eliminate periodontal diesase. Dr. Tichy is here to to keep your gingival tissues healthy or get them to health.


Esthetic Veneers/Porcelain


If you are concerned with your appearance, Dr. Tichy is here to help you make the right decision. True facial veneers or full coverage porcelain crowns are great options to restore your front teeth.

Teeth Whitening


Tooth whitening options can start with over the counter gentle surface whitening options like toothpaste or home whiteners. If you are looking for deeper stain removal we will talk to you about some stronger options that are offered in our office.  Together we will explore different and safe paths to get the best result for your smile.

Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Tichy offers root canal therapy treatment for his patients. The use of the dental microscope is a practice standard for endodontists. Dr. Tichy partners and refers to endodontic specialists for those difficult teeth that require extensive training in the field.

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