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First Visit to the Office:


How can I schedule an appointment with Tichy Dental?

- Visit our Patient Portal and request an appointment with your desired date and times.

- Call Laura at 503-635-3588 and ask for appointment availability. 

What do I need to do before my first appointment? 

- Visit our Patient Portal and complete the patient registration. The patient registration has several forms with signatures for HIPAA, general consent and health history, insurance info, smile analysis and patient information.

What should I bring with me to my first appointment?

- If the patient registration was complete online, then we do not need anything at all. 

- It is helpful to bring your medication and allergy list if it is extensive. 

What can I expect during my first appointment?

- The first appointment consists of a comprehensive exam in which the doctor examines all aspects of your oral health. Most often the exam consists of taking needed radiographs and examining findings that are found. The doctor examines your oral health, determines your periodontal health, and examines your teeth. After the aforementioned is complete, he takes all aspects into consideration and at which time he presents you with the best treatment plans. 

I understand that the doctor uses over head monitors during our exams, what does that mean?

- Dr. Tichy is part of the rare 1% of general dentist who use microscope for all procedures which allows him to connect a HD camera. The camera allows a direct feed to overhead monitors for real-time video. Essentially this feed allows the patient to see and watch everything the doctor sees. It is during this time that the doctor reviews findings, takes intra-oral pictures for later review and explains the best options to you.

Can I expect a cleaning during my first appointment?

- The doctor makes every attempt to get you that cleaning. However, not every patient has healthy gums and can get a simple prophy cleaning. Some patients need considerable time treatment planning and consideration. Patients that present with periodontal disease may need extensive treatment planning and also need prior insurance approval for deep cleanings (Scaling and root planing) treatment.

What insurance does Tichy Dental accept?

- We accept many insurance companies and are preferred providers for the following: Delta Dental/Moda, Regence BlueCross Blueshield, Dentemax, MetLife, United Concordia, Cigna. Please call us to ask if we accept your insurance. Dentemax is actually not an insurance company but has hundreds of insurance companies underneath its umbrella, so call and ask if you are possibly under the Dentemax umbrella. 

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